• Sat 14th May Get Together Taddy’s Barn. George Hill Road, Kingsgate 11-00 -13.00
  • Sat 18th June  Walk to D’Feet MND. Full details
  • Sat 23rd July Alex Ward Memorial Public Service Lecture – St Mildreds Church Tenterden
  • Tues 26th July Batting for the MNDA in Tenterden.  Full details.
  • Fri 23rd September Kent Sings to End MND.  Full details and tickets
  • Sat 3rd December – Christmas Lunch – Yarrow Hotel, Broadstairs, 12.00

Please diarise. We will give details of venue as soon as we are able.

Any queries about the content of this page or suggestions where we might have other meetings please email webmaster@mnda-eastkent.org.uk

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