As promised here is an update about the medical research Mark and I undertook at the University of Oxford, for Dr Martin Turner this week.

Mark and I spent the first afternoon in the MEG scanner. Apparently there are only 8 of these in the UK. It was like an MRI scanner but instead of lying down in it you sit with the scanner coming down around your head. Like an old fashioned salon hair dryer you would have seen in the 50s. You have electrodes taped to your arms, face and head. These record your eye movements and finger movements. You are asked to follow an arrow on the screen, if it points left you lift your left index finger, up and down on a LED control pad, but only if the next light is green. If red you don’t move. Not as easy as it sounds I can assure you. this was looking at changes in your brain in response to thinking and action.

The second day was time in the MRI scanner. I had an extra test with a different coil and helmet. This was to measure different chemical changes in the brain, over the whole brain. If you are even slightly claustrophobic this isn’t a test for you as you have to send time in the scanner continuously.

Below is a link to Dr Martin Turners BioMOx project which is the study we took part in.

<a title=”Progress in the Oxford BioMOx project: Pattern of degeneration identified using advanced imaging techniques in the brains of people with MND that is linked to the level of disability.” href=”″ target=”_top”>MND Association: Progress in the Oxford BioMOx project</a>


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