Dr Martin Turner’s Biomarker Study

Everyone who was at this year’s Annual MND Conference in September, will have heard Professor Kevin Talbot’s call to arms. He wanted volunteers to give up time to take part in biomarker studies. People with MND, people without MND, people with related disorders, hereditary MND patients. He wanted everyone.

Following our visit to the Oxford MND Centre earlier on in the Summer, we have volunteered to take part in Dr Martin Turner’s biomarker study into motor neuron disease.

We are having two brain scans, a MEG scan and an MRI scan. ?As I am the same age as Mark, I am useful for the study, as a healthy volunteer. Anyone who knows me well, will be laughing at this point….

The purpose of the biomarker study is to discover a test to speed up diagnosis of MND, to see how the disease spreads, and to monitor its activity. This may lead to more targeted drug treatments in the long term. Well here’s hoping.

It will be great to be at the cutting edge of MND research and to be in Oxford.

I’ll let you know how we get on.





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