A Million from an MNDA Warrior in East Kent

“Right….I have decided “  he said. “What have you decided ?” I said curious, even though I was immersed in my breadmaking.  “ I’m going to do a million!! “….I was even more curious by now! A million pounds perhaps (well we are always trying to raise funds) but a MILLION?  Our normal fund raising activities have been severely curtailed this year, no social gatherings, face to face quizzes, cake sales or group walks have been possible…so this seemed almost unachievable.

Clive Hudson cycling in his shed.

During this uniquely trying, Covid ridden, frightening, challenging time even a hundred would be fabulous….but a million?  I looked at Clive with admiration….”A million pounds, that would be astounding “ I said….he gave me one of those looks….”Not pounds silly, I shall be cycling a million!!”…”Miles or kilometres ? That’s an awful long way whichever”….Clive sighed and then explained he had set himself a target to cycle a million metres during this, his seventy fifth year to try and raise funds to support people living with MND living in our area, East Kent!! It sounded almost impossible when he first told me…but here we are, 10 months on and only 68,000  metres to finish what seemed an insurmountable task at the start!

The secret to completing the gargantuan task is, of course planning, organisation and having a VERY understanding wife!!  Come rain or shine, wind or hail, Clive has been pounding away every day on his bike….and bit by bit, metre by metre the target is being met! Well….perhaps not in the way he would have chosen back in October 2019…..the cycle paths are so near and yet so far, we have both had to shield throughout the pandemic….who knew this virus would nearly scupper the planned ride last year? No….a bit of lateral thinking, and an old bike stand later the ride has been almost entirely completed in our shed!! So social distancing and health needs have been met more than adequately. Clive has clambered on his trusty (rusty!!) steed every day and is nearly there. The  almost daily plea “ Have you seen my cycling shorts?” has been regularly met with “ Where did you last put them?”  The aching cramped legs are now rippling with muscles  …and a little money has been raised on the Just Giving Page to try and supplement the hugely reduced  funds raised this year. Who knows…a million might mean exactly that..we will just have to see on his 75th birthday on September 26th when this challenge is complete.

Lynn Hudson August 2020

Donations https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mndamillionmetres

Original story https://mnda-eastkent.org.uk/wordpress/?p=3058

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