Co-op Run from River to Mill Hill

On Friday the 30th September a handful of the staff from the Co op in river completed a sponimg_4540sored run. They ran from their store in River to the Co op in Deal all in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.
This was spurred on after the River store manager Simon Taylor learnt of local lady Linda Clarke?s recent diagnosis with the disease.
Linda?s daughter Emma was at a local MND coffee morning organised by Sarah Hignett and team at River village hall and it was so well attended they ran out of all the cakes within the first hour.? Emma decided to go to the Co-op and purchase more cakes, she got talking to Simon and having then learnt of Emma?s mothers condition and the efforts they were going to raise money, he kindly offered to donate the cakes from the Co op.? Good job too as even the local MP Charlie Elphicke had heard of the morning and turned up!!!
Another of the Co op employees, Gail Pettman, who?s own family has been sadly affected by this terrible disease, wanted to organise soimg_8388mething to raise money for the worthy cause.? She rallied up some of her fellow colleagues and together they came up with the idea of a sponsored run, their hard work and dedication enabled each and every one of them to successfully complete the 8 and a half mile run.
All of the staff would like to thank those who generously sponsored them, together they raised over ?1000.? Well done all.
Research in to this horrendous disease is essential for early diagnosis so families can spend more time together doing important stuff before it?s too late!
If you would like to donate please follow the just giving link below.

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