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2016 in review.

2016 has been an interesting and successful year for MND Association East Kent Group.

Campaigns Contact volunteers Greg Broadhurst (Manchester Branch), Colin Hardy (Northumberland Group), David Setters (East Surrey Branch) and Katy Styles (East Kent Group) were joined by Helen Setters and Mark Styles at the lobby.

The year started with a party at the Wrotham Arms in Broadstairs, followed in very short order by a Support meeting in Folkestone and a visit to Westminster where 6 people affected by MND addressed some 42 Parliamentarians.

Young Carers Awareness Day was also in January, which was followed by the Burns Night Supper at BinElla in Faversham.

Mark and Katy Styles spoke to the Psychology Society at the University of Kent on Tuesday 23rd February.

Campaigning Toolkit


During April The Campaigning Toolkit, the brainchild of East Kent’s?Katy Styles was launched, A Masquerade Dinner in Tenterden raised almost ?10,000 and the?South Coast Road?Trip tee shirts went on sale, together with announcements of the events in East Kent.

A brilliant Spring Lunch was held in May and the press release for the South Coast Road Trip was sent to all media outlets.

June was the month of the South Coast Road Trip with 19 events in 17 days as Clive and Lynn Hudson travelled by public buses from Broadstairs to Land’s End, raising over ?10,000 and also creating great awareness of MND in the process.

Sally Light with Signed T Shirt
Herne Bay Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Herne Bay was lit up with MND colours and MND awareness day and The Podplus 5K run was yet again a success was a successful run raising funds for MND in East Kent.

Campaigning were busy at Parliament for a Carer’s Week Reception representing pwMND and their carers.

Daren with enormous carp

In August Summer was in the air with great music at the Broadstairs Summer Hop at The Pavilion, which followed on into the evening at the Wrotham Arms.? Daren Edwards was catching enormous fish in France and the signed road trip shirt went on display at David Niven House.

Katy Styles addressed The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)? Campaigning Conference on September 3rd, being the only volunteer to address the meeting.? On the same day Judy Keay attended Project Respect, which?is the MND Association?s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy ? and?all members are encouraged to help shape it.

Clive Hudson, Mark? and Katy Styles attended the annual conference of the MND Association held in Derby on Saturday 10th September.? Please see for full details.

Anne Pomeroy

Anne Pomeroy walked 100KM along the Thames raising ?1650.93 for MND Association East Kent.

The Co-op run from River to Mill Hill was on 30th September.? The run followed the diagnosis of MND given to local lady Linda Clarke.? The run raised over ?1000 for MND. See for more information.

We held a volunteer recruitment day in Canterbury in early October, the event was an interesting experience and we learned much about how to present any future recruitment day. Unfortunately it was a foul day and we were not successful in gaining any new volunteers.

Judy Keay, Chrissie Batts and Mark and Katy Styles attended a Parliamentary Reception on October 18th, representing the East Kent Group.

Katy Styles, Mark Styles, Julian Brazier MP, Chrissie Batts & Judy Keay
Katy Styles, Mark Styles, Julian Brazier MP, Chrissie Batts & Judy Keay

They all spoke with?Julian Brazier, MP for Canterbury and Whitstable who attended and promised to follow up the points made at the reception, and other MP’s at the reception. ?Mark and Katy also spoke to the Minister, Penny Mordaunt about their concerns .

During November we were encouraging people to complete a survey about the financial impact of MND further information

Christmas Lunch

Our year ended by funding the installation of a hoist for Martin living with MND, making a contribution to our CEO annual appeal and enjoying a wonderful Christmas Lunch at Yarrow Hotel in Broadstairs.




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Sponsored Walk

FightingMNDwithDad?held a sponsored walk from Faversham to Sittingbourne earlier today.

They started at?The Rec in Faversham?at 9.30 and walked?to the?Ypres Tavern in Sittingbourne.

Walkers are shown below:

Sponsored Walkers for FightingMNDwithDad
Sponsored Walkers – FightingMNDwithDad

Bucket collection on the day was ?300.72 which means to date?FightingMNDwithDad have raised?over ?7,600?for people living with MND in East Kent.? Congratulations to the Irving Family, all their friends and supporters for this wonderful achievement.

Please visit donate more to this remarkable fund raising.

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FightingMNDwithDad – Future Events

  • Saturday 5th July FightingMNDwithDad?have a stall at Bootfair/Fete at Meadowfields School in Sittingbourne
  • Saturday 9th August A sponsored walk from Faversham to Sittingbourne.? If anyone would like to take part they can contact If anyone can supply water for those taking part or print certificates for those that have taken part it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Monday 25th August??David Irving and Andrew Brook are doing the Canterbury half marathon.?Please visit to support this incredible family in their attempt to raise ?5000 for MND in East Kent.

FightingMNDwithDad Abseil

Leas Cliffe Hall in Folkestone is the venue for an Abseil on Sunday 15th June by David, Hayley and Amanda Irving to raise more money towards their target of ?5000 for MNDA in East Kent.? The start time for David, Hayley and Amanda is 11am, although the event does start earlier.

This event is being run in conjunction with The Kent Messenger and proceeds will be shared between KM charities and MNDA.

You can support the Abseilers by contacting them on their Facebook Page.

Should you wish to support their project generally please visit



Charity Football Match

FightingMNDwithDad organised a Charity Football Match on 17th May which raised the grand sum of ?1466 to date and more is promised.? This brings the grand total raised so far to ?1807.? A great result and well on the4 way to the target of ?5000.

In addition to the match there was a?Raffle, a Tombola stall, a Cake Stall and kids games.

Some pictures of the day are shown below.

IMG_0740a IMG_0799a IMG_0747a

IMG_796364044193 IMG_477120086673 IMG_448329650883 IMG_399142456060 IMG_388357116703

Fighting Motor Neurone Disease with Dad

The copy below is taken verbatim from Just Giving Page.? It is inspirational that these young people at a very difficult time have chosen to be positive and raise funds for MNDA in East Kent, supported by a very positive father with MND.

Please support these young people?to?achieve their target of ?5000 for MND.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

At the start of this year our world was completely turned upside down. We were given the unexpected and heartbreaking news that our Father has got Motor Neurone Disease (MND). None of us knew that much about the illness, the effects, a cure, or what was to come. To then be told it is a terminal illness and we only have a few precious months left with our dad was the worst we could have imagined.

However our dad is amazing and has been so positive since the diagnosis. He has continued about his normal life overcoming or adapting to challenges he faces. We are as a whole family very proud of him and his positivity. His and mums aim is to make as many people aware of MND and the symptoms along with raising as much money as we can for the East Kent MND Group. So all money raised will go to the local East Kent MNDA Group.

MND is a progressive disease involving degeneration of the motor neurons and wasting of the muscles. Early symptoms include…weakened grip, increasing slurred speech, excess saliva, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, tiredness, leg/arm shakes. If you notice these symptoms ask to be checked, there is a lot of support available.

Over the course of the year we are going to be holding lots of fundraising events and taking part in many different activities to raise money for our local MND Charity. We would love your support whether it be ideas, donations, or if you are already taking part in an event and haven’t chosen a charity we would love you to choose ours.

We will post regular updates to the page with fundraising events and look forward to your support.

Thank you!

David, Amanda, Hayley & Donna

Original from visit now and make a donation.? Thank you.