Volunteering for MND association in East Kent

We are always looking for new volunteers to support us as we raise funds and offer support to persons living with MND.

Volunteering takes many forms some of which requires a significant contribution of time, perhaps?4-6 hours each week if you are an AV or a committee member.

There are however many ways you can volunteer on a occasional basis and these?are very important.? Such things as taking part in a fund raising event, like an abseil, a cycle ride or a run.? These can take as little as a morning or an afternoon and can be done just once or from time to time and can easily be fitted into a busy life style.

We have sponsors who are willing to pay entry fees for young persons willing to volunteer to abseil, cycle, walk or run to raise money.? The only commitment other than your time would be to seek sponsorship of at least ?50.

The full list of events we are planning this year can be found here. ?We are seeking volunteers for all the events run by KM Charity Group and the coastal walk.

If you are interested in volunteering for MNDA East Kent please contact chair@mnda-eastkent.org.uk


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